Food Event Mailer 2019.png

The Local Food and Learning Event is the culminating project for our food systems unit of study.  During this unit students explore soil science, nutrition, agriculture, aquaponics, food culture, the Great Depression, the Dust Bowl, climate change,food safety, food miles, food waste, and the nitrogen cycle.  Students also explore careers associated with food service industries and practiced filling out job applications for specific roles to be filled during the event.  Prior to and during the event , students  prepare ingredients sourced within the State of Maine and serve recipes that have a connection to their family or local food culture.  Recipes are accompanied by nutritional information and a list of locations where each ingredient was sourced.  


We are happy to be able to support the following Maine growers and producers of food:

Aurora Mills, Swains Family Farm, Middle Intervale Farm, Nature’s Hen House, Kate’s Creamery, Oakhurst Dairy, Blake Family Farm, Spring Break Farm, Maine Grains, Maine Sea Salt Co, Fishbowl Farm, Sonnental Farm, Tide Mill Farm, Backyard Farms, Fiddlers Green, Green Thumb Farm, Sugar Hill Cranberry, and Hillcrest Farm.

Special thanks to Pietree Orchard, Pineland Farm, Oakhurst Dairy, Middle Intervale Farm, Maine Grains, Gibson's Orchard, Peaked Hill Orchard, and Slattery's Sugar House for donating some of the fruits of your hard labor and members of the Telstar High School class of 2022 for planting crops last spring that were harvested this fall especially for the event.  

If you are a Maine grower or producer of food and would like to support this event next year, please contact us.