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                                                          Exploration and Discovery - Final Project - Digital Storytelling


This final project will be the story of you as a learner throughout this unit.  You will creatively use media to tell your story in a unique and thoughtful way.  The following information should be effectively addressed, within the context of the story, based on how you have written your script and the media you have chosen to include.


Essential information to be addressed by your digital story:


  • The information I have explored...

This might include content from your learning blocks - such as activities or materials covered during this unit. It can also include activities you participate in outside of the classroom, trips that we have taken during the unit, or experiences you have had this year. Think about explorations back at THS, at work, through sports, or at home.


  • The discoveries I have made...

Again, you need to go into detail here. Explore MANY discoveries you have made.


  • The learning that I have experienced...

Make connections between what you explored and what you discovered. Make many connections, and do some real self-exploration while answering this question.


  • Self-exploration: the discoveries I have made about myself and the impact that they have had on choices I have made.

In other words, how have the discoveries you have made influenced the choices you have made? Examples of questions to ask yourself are - why did you choose your research topic? Why did you participate more in some activities and not others? What activities were they? If you learned something new about yourself during a class, how did it change your actions or thinking? Etc, etc.


  • The meaning of these explorations and discoveries for my future.

You should explore how the discoveries you have made will be meaningful to your future. Have you learned anything about yourself that may influence a decision about college, school, work, or life? Some discoveries will be more meaningful than others, and some may not seem meaningful at all - it is important to explore both.


Elements to be Included in Your Video-


This is a MULTImedia project that creatively depicts you as a lifelong learner. THIS CANNOT BE A SLIDESHOW! If you create a few slides (max 10) you will have to screencast them appropriately to fit into your digital story.  You will want to be collecting/taking/making and organizing still images, videos, music clips/ideas (giving appropriate credit), effects, etc. to use to build your story.



  • Text - This could be charts, tables, graphs, word mash, quotes

  • Visual - possibilities: video or stills; photographs, drawings, images

  • Audio - recorded voice over, background music, music clips, sound effects

  • Title screen

  • Credits screen - YOU MUST GIVE CREDIT IF YOU USE ANY WORK THAT YOU DID NOT CREATE. This includes music, images, words, etc.


Presentation Choice


  • iMovie (or other video-making program)




4. Present information, findings, and supporting evidence clearly, concisely, and logically such that listeners can follow the line of reasoning and the organization, development, substance, and style are appropriate to purpose, audience, and task.


NGSS Science and Engineering Practices: Obtaining, Evaluating, and Communicating Information

Communicate scientific and/or technical information or ideas in multiple formats (i.e., orally, graphically, textually, mathematically)

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