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Project Opportunity is a unique partnership between the SAD #44 educational community and its surrounding business community. In its simplest terms, Project Opportunity is a scholarship program, but with a difference: it is geared to providing students with continuing educational opportunities, even if they don’t qualify for most conventional scholarships. The scholarships can be used for post-secondary education or participation in educational opportunities outside of the traditional school schedule. Throughout students’ years at Telstar, they are given points based on their quarterly grades. A’s are worth three points, B’s are worth two, and C’s are worth one. Improving grades in a subject will earn students bonus points. For example, if a student earns C’s in a course for all four quarters, he or she accumulates a total of 4 points for that course for the year. But if he or she earns a B the second quarter and an A for the last two, he or she would accumulate points and bonus points totaling 10. The point total of all courses except for the final semester will be used to determine the size of the post-secondary scholarship for each student. Additional points are awarded for participation in co-curricular activities (1 point per activity). Post-secondary scholarships are granted based on applications and on points gained through participation and achievement. Project Opportunity was initially funded by a generous grant from the Sunday River Ski Resort and continues to be funded by donations from community members. The program aids students who show marked improvement over their high school years, in addition to rewarding those who maintain a high level of achievement throughout their Telstar education.

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