Food Systems

Here at the TFA we have been learning about Food Systems, the Nitrogen Cycle, and Aquaponics. It has been an extremely interesting yet a scary truthful experience. We learned many interesting facts about the Nitrogen Cycle and the fact that I found the most interesting was how plants cannot live without it. We learned the ways Nitrogen travels and how it can take several different paths to get the the same place. To get a full understanding of this, in class we played a game that gave us the experience that we were Nitrogen taking all the different paths to different places. After this we drew our journey and labeled every place and path we took. After this unit we began to learn about Aquaponics systems. We were taught the basic parts and materials needed for an Aquaponics system. We saw first hand what one looks like and what amazing things it can accomplish. Here at the TFA we are building an Aquaponics system of our own. Soon it will be running and we will all have the chance to participate in accomplishing and experiencing all the duties an Aquaponics system needs in order to thrive. I know I’m not the only student who is excited to take part in this. One of the best reasons of having this system is knowing where the food come from once we do start to grow plants. Another topic we have been learning about is Food System; where our food comes from and what it’s made of. Though this unit unit it has showed us the scary truth of how our food is made, and where it comes from and how it is transported. It has been a very educational yet eye opening. It showed us the answers and alternatives to our food system problems. One activity we did in this unit was host a dinner to the public. Everything we served was sourced from Maine, so that each individual would know where their food came from. These are only a few unit’s and projects we have been working on at the TFA.


Energy Systems Unit: Shark Tank

This unit in Science class at the Freshman Academy we learned about renewable energy sources, global warming, and the effect that humans have on the temperature of the atmosphere. We worked in groups of three or four students to create a useful and meaningful product that uses a renewable energy source. We were really given the reins with the creativity aspect of this project. We were urged to help solve a world problem that affects a large demographic of people like world hunger, food waste, pollution, etc. We had to present our finished product to a “Shark Tank” panel of the business leaders in the community. We went on a field trip to show and inform us on some of the renewable energy sources that exists in the world and in your own community. We went to the Saddleback Wind Farm and we saw the wind turbines and we got an inside look of the misconceptions of wind power and how the wind turbines are fixed, maintained, and how they know how much wind power is being generated. Then we went to the hydro dam in Rumford. We saw the inside of the hydro dam and saw the three vertical turbines and the horizontal turbine unit which is what moves when the water moves and the mechanical energy created by the turbines moving is what creates the energy. This unit was a very interactive unit and we had a lot of control about what we wanted to create for our final project and we were showed the skills needed to be successful in a group.